Saturday, 7 March 2015

Could this be.... the winning recipe???

Could this be.... the winning recipe???

Thai Green Prawn Curry, 211 calories per serving

Now I've never sent out a personal plea via my blog before, but right now I am desperate!

I entered one of my recipes into a competition, with absolutely no idea of how things might develop.

There are now just 17 votes difference between me and my only contender in this competition! Voting ends tonight, Saturday 7th March at midnight. 

I now need you to ask your friends, enemies and anyone else you know to vote for me! And if you have more than one email address, use them ALL to vote too! I can't let victory slip away from me at this late stage....

I am donating any winnings to Alzheimer's Research, and this could potentially be £1,000....

VOTE FOR MY RECIPE !!!!! please...