Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Back to it!

I'm still here.  Life just got in the way.  I've had many holidays and various trips away since April.  Brussels for a night, Tenerife for a week, Dubrovnik for 12 days, several short overnight trips to London for meetings, Stockholm for four nights to speak at a conference, Durham for four nights...

It's been wonderful, especially as we were unable to take any holiday last year because of our caring responsibilities.

It's not been so great for my weight loss and exercise regime.

I haven't stressed too much about it, because I needed this break and the various trips were enjoyable.  I have to accept that whenever I am away from home, it is impossible to eat as carefully as I do normally.  It's impossible to control my calorie intake as rigidly as I know I need to control it (being a short, disabled and fairly sedentary woman!)

The additional stone I have gained isn't bothering me at all.  The extra aches and pains I'm experiencing ARE bothering me, and on a fairly regular (if not daily) basis.  

My exercise regime with all the stretches and movements I did as part of the lengthy warm up most definitely helped me with pain and flexibility.  I'm not in overwhelming pain - it's not stopping me from getting on with my life, but it is nagging me in the background.

The great news is that the "home gym" is now cleared.  It had been full of things from our front room as we were redecorating and came across a rather large damp problem that needed to be sorted out.  There were also several boxes of "stuff" that we brought back from Cumbria following preparing mother-in-laws house for sale.

Hubbie has worked very hard to sort through and re-home or dispose of these things.  It just needs a jolly good clean (vacuum, dust and floor mop).  It looks rather sad and neglected at the moment.

I'm going to London tonight ready for a meeting tomorrow morning. I have planned to do a "semi-fast" day, so not eating anything today until I have my meal tonight. 

Albert Embankment
Hopefully, as long as the traffic isn't bad, that should be about 6/6.30pm. I have selected where we will eat - AllBarOne close to the London Eye. I have looked at the menu, and decided that I will have peri-peri grilled chicken breast marinated with lime & garlic, with coleslaw and grilled corn with the house salad (instead of fries). That's about the healthiest option. 

Briefly looked at the desserts and there is nothing there that is likely to tempt me - mostly sickly sounding chocolate things - which just isn't what I go for. But I may have a coffee. If I drink it will be gin with slimline tonic....

I have already packed my "kit" - trainers, joggers, HRM... and told my sister (who's accompanying me and very active and sporty anyway) to bring hers. I've checked the forecast, which is lovely actually! Around 8am, there should be sunshine and no cloud and it will be about 11 degrees.

We will get up at 6.45am and go for a walk along the river from 7am - 8am.  Probably heading towards Battersea (as likely to be less people, I am hoping than if we head to the Southbank). If we get as far as Vauxhall Bridge, I'll have done about 0.8 miles. If I get as far as the American Embassy at Elms Lane, I will have walked about 1 mile. So hopefully can get there and back (with stops, if necessary).

THEN, have a nice shower and dress and go for breakfast at about 9am.... I will do my utmost to stick to something healthy. So yogurt and fruit or egg with a slice of toast. 

I will do my best to stick to a healthy lunch (there was a pretty healthy hot and cold buffet at the hotel when we were last there....

SO THAT'S THE PLAN!!! Wish me luck. My sister can be quite pushy (sorry, maybe it's "encouraging!" and loves it when I make an effort (lots of praise, but honestly.... that sometimes makes me feel less inclined - I have plenty of determination but do need to want to do things myself!).

Next year, there's a rather special event coming up for which my weight and fitness need to be absolutely at their very best.  It's towards the start of the year, and between now and then, there's Christmas and another (two week) holiday....  BUT I am taking my exercise "gear" on holiday with me and am full of good intentions.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Podcasts and Prize Money!!

Ok, ok, so I've been a bit quiet of late.  But I've got two exciting things to tell you about!

Firstly, further to my last Blog post urging people to vote for my recipe (Thai Prawn Curry), I am very pleased to report that.... I WON!

Yes, £1,000 is mine, but not for long because as promised I have undertaken to donate this to research into Alzheimer's disease.

Thank you to everyone who voted - and to those who urged their friends to vote for my recipe as well!

Today Kate Harrison, successful author of many successful 5:2 Fasting related books has alerted me to the fact that she's launched Podcast 10 which features my weight loss story.

Kate's 5:2 Diet Book website contains a wealth of information, recipes and support.

Kate was also responsible for creating the 5:2 Fasting FaceBook page, which has gone from strength to strength.  I have just looked to discover that there are almost 42,000 members now - I think there were only about 500 members when I first joined it.

You can listen to the Podcast here.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Could this be.... the winning recipe???

Could this be.... the winning recipe???

Thai Green Prawn Curry, 211 calories per serving

Now I've never sent out a personal plea via my blog before, but right now I am desperate!

I entered one of my recipes into a competition, with absolutely no idea of how things might develop.

There are now just 17 votes difference between me and my only contender in this competition! Voting ends tonight, Saturday 7th March at midnight. 

I now need you to ask your friends, enemies and anyone else you know to vote for me! And if you have more than one email address, use them ALL to vote too! I can't let victory slip away from me at this late stage....

I am donating any winnings to Alzheimer's Research, and this could potentially be £1,000....

VOTE FOR MY RECIPE !!!!! please...